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Gung-Ho, Home of the Hits

Gung-Ho Studio began in Cleveland, Ohio in 1973. Crammed into the upstairs of a depression era duplex on Rock Court in the bohemian Coventry district, recording schedules revolved around produce delivery trucks at the supermarket out back and bottle-breaking fist fights outside the biker bar next door. Expanding from 2 to 4 track in 1974, the fledgling facility specialized in folk-rock, jug band, ragtime & bagpipe records as well as the inadvertent collecting of vintage recording equipment.

In 1985, eleven years and several permutations later, owner/engineer Billy Barnett moved the studio to it’s current location on the outskirts of Eugene, Oregon. Hundreds of records have since been made in the big, comfortable converted turn-of-the-century homestead, just 5 miles from the center of town. With an ambience both artistic and professional, Gung-Ho has become a regional institution for musicians working in every conceivable genre, and then some…

Credits include gold and platinum records for the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, afro-pop hits for Thomas Mapfumo and the Blacks Unlimited (banned in Zimbabwe, these albums stand as landmark recordings in Mapfumo’s catalogue), regional hits for Portland’s heavy rockers Floater, punk and polka cult classics for The Detonators and the Polka Gems (‘Balls to You’ and ‘Polkatively Yours’, respectively), and the Grammy Award winning Penderecki Credo recorded at it’s world premier for the Oregon Bach Festival in the Silva Concert Hall, Eugene.

Billy’s Bio

Billy Barnett has been recording bands and everything else for more than 35 years, since the age of 15. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, he came of age listening to Miles Davis, Johnny Cash, the Beatles, Stones & Kinks, Louis Armstrong, Dylan, Hendrix and the Cleveland Orchestra. A musician since the age of 8, he has played in countless bands (guitar, drums, bass, fiddle and piano). He graduated from LSDU in 1973 and has hitch-hiked the continent several times. He apprenticed at the Perkins Institute of Piano Tuning & Technology and became a certified piano tuner/tech in 1977. He has two fine children, Anna & Tyrone, who grew up around the studio and have been subsequently unleashed on the world at large. A visual artist as well, some of Bill’s ceramic & bronze sculptures decorate various nooks and crannies around Gung-Ho. An incorrigible optimist, Billy has been in and out of recording studios for most of his life.